The Scarlet Letter: a short analysis

The  Scarlet Letter written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, inıtıally the prison and cemetery are introduced to us symbolically refering to the convention of the puritan age. The founder of the New England doesnt forget to build immedietly a prison and a cemetery.

We are given an expansive information about the appearance of the prison and its around. İt is made out of wooden and reflects the harsh weather conditions with stains on it and subsequently attention shifts to the prison door. İt seems to be stuck/locked in an antique time-warp and goes on proceeding with the Rose-Bush which stands out as a significant symbol. At the entrance side of the prison the rose-bush with its fragrant and fragile beauty we learn that it survives on long years from the early times by the door. The narrator states that it may symbolizes “sweet moral blossom” or “a tale of human frailty and sorrow” this definitions also gives us the hint about the ingredients of the main theme throughout the story. Also the prison itself is presented as the black flower of civilized society.

The rose bush:

So the prison door symbolizes the oldest heritage sinfulness of humanity and how it is a steady  legacy from the ancient times. The prison symbolizes  a black stain of society on the civilization.And the rose-bush hints that there is still a moral hope, it is an omen which indicates the justice will pervail eventually despite of everything. The rose bush also reflects the moral values in proportion to the nature. Because within the bonds of the nature everything acts in a way what it is really like and what it should do by its nature without resisting to its essential needs.But civilized man especially puritans rejected the mostly part of human needs like enjoys and spices of the life especially sexuality. But to deny means nothing because you can change nothing by denying it or covering the truth. So the roses symbolized normally passions and desires thus we can deduce that here it symbolizes how the freedom of the human nature is imprisoned by the conventional visdom. Under this circumstance the nature will resist to the later doctrines and this resistence will manifest itself with dogged determination who Hester Prynne keeps in her heart. Nothing could be more explicit than this presentation. Because there is no place for REPRESSED FEELINGS within the nature so it will be wise to remember the human behavours is formed by this same rules.

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