UTOPIA questions with answers

UTOPIA questions with answers:

1. Why does Thomes More write this work in latin?
He had closely interest with greek philosophers and dealt with works such as Plato’s republic. It was written in latin in the aim of understanding of educated readers of all Europe because he believed that his work is needed e deeper understanding.

What is the geography of utopia like ?

*The shape of the island resembles a new moon. İt symbolizes a new beginning to everything (including a new life style, eductaion, wearing, writing)
* The location of island makes it extremely difficult to reach there, and only the utopians can reach to the proper ways
*All coast is defended in natural shapes and so;
It’s a perfect place being protetected perfectly and it was easy to avoid the destruction coming from outside and make them help isolating themselves from the rest of the world.
Being an island symbolizes freedom from the rest of the world. İt is the great symbol of harmony. And being seperated from earth make island pure, innosence, fertile regeneration, hopeful, salvation…

3. How about Gold and Silver in Utopia?

Utility was important rather than beauty and especially scarsity. So they don’t treat gold and silver in a way we use. But they made sure no one overvalue gold and sliver beyond the metals themselves desires.for example Iron is for superior to gold because it’s more useful than gold as it is lasting and tough but on the countrary gold has no acceptable function and provides nothing for people. The fact that human has made them precious because they are rare seemed to utopians very stupid

4.How about the marriage customs in utopia?
There was an age limit for getting married; for women aged 18 and up, for men aged 22 and up. there were strict rules to keep singles away from premarital sex because maturity was important to prevent errors. If someone broke this rule, thet were punished severely.
At the same time; all household especially the father and the mother were responsible for their children;thus; they ought to take care of them. Because the errors of children were really frustrating to expose to the public disgrace for the parents.
Getting married in Utopia was in an absurd way:
* The bride and the groom are shown to each other nakedly
* Utopia is the only one place that monogamy is performed around that region
* Divorce in Utopia was hard because it was protected by the strict rules. In the manner of divorce ; innocent part’s rights was protected against the guilty part.


5. What is the religion like in utopia?

There are diffirent forms of religion in utopia. Some worship as a god the sun, others the moon and others are of the planets. The vast majority of utopians believe in a single power, unknown, eternal, inexplicable for beyond the grasp of human mind. They called him father.
*There is a polytheism” the belief that there is more than one god”
*Every one is free to choose his/her religion.
*A man can be both god & man It means he becomes a model for utopians, he becomes ideal with his behaviours, so people glarify him .

6. What is the agriculture and farming like?

*Farming and culture is their main occupation because they want to live with nature in hormany. It is essential because it supplies food and all fundemental needs for life and also gives some occupation for everyone can deal with.
All Utopians were good cultivators, young Utopians as grooms deal with feeding and taking care of the horses to keep themselves fit. They improved marvellous methods in farming,in breeding; the chickens can be good example, as soon as the hegs came out of the shell, they recognize the man and follow them instead of the hens. This behaviovur proves that their mother is so well comforted and this implieshumanbeing can take control of nature and can replace the natural pnonomena and capableof changing everything. He shows that a nature may be controlled by human. This shows people’s capacity. In Utopia; cultivators are respected more than the nobles

7. is it possible such a country?

  • A country like that may be boring. Because people will never resist some things. But human beings needs strugles and wants originality. This monotony makes them unable to change. And in somewhere no change is present, people can not cultivate themselves to have more colorful desires and improvements. İn time in such a place the fundemantal needs of human desires began to pressure social order and individual freedom…..
  • Utopia is a static place and utopians are static society but in reality there can be nowhere like utopia in the world. Utopia is a good as a picture it is imposible to be such a place because human desire, feeling, imagination changes everyday, is not the same. So Utopian’s clothes, houses, cities are the same thet don’t want any change so they didn’t give mportance to education. They go to school only to learn how to read and write.

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